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Introduction to the basics of pain & neurotransmission for schools & colleges]Learn why we need pain; how we feel pain; how we treat pain & how we discover new analgesics (pain-relieving drugs). An Introduction & Basics for Schools (Year 8 upwards) & Colleges.

Especially suitable for GCSE, AS and A2 students. All jargon & terminology is fully explained. Content is fully customised to suit your needs.


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  What You Will Learn

the effective transmission of nervous signals, their interpretation as 'pain' & our body's response to these are all key to our success and survival. You will understand:

[tick]  Nervous transmission in easy-to-understand language
[tick]  Why we need pain
[tick]  How we feel pain
[tick]  How we measure & treat pain
[tick]  How we discover new pain-relieving (analgesic) drugs
[tick]  The importance of good experimental design & control to eliminate bias

... and more ...

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"Stuart is a rare individual. His ability to create sense from chaos, to distil clarity of thinking from murky waters and to impart technical knowledge in a way that makes it all seem simple, is a unique gift. His dry humour and ability to view things from a different angle, was of huge value and support to me in my role. Always challenging and thorough in his dissection, Stuart was great to work with and made meetings interesting! Put simply, he is a man many could learn from, pragmatic, human, reflective and passionate about the positive impact of what he does."

SM : DeMontfort University, Leics


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  How Stuart Can Help You

[Clinical trials training for schools & colleges]Stuart's talks combine his experience in pain & pain research with his passion for making complex things easy to understand. Some information is presented, there's lots of discussion & chance to clarify issues & there's a good dose of humour! You learn important information & remember it long after Stuart has gone.

Stuart's experience adds value to your lessons & provides an extra depth to students' understanding, also opening their eyes to career opportunities that they may not have thought about or know exist..

You will understand nervous transmission & pain because Stuart makes it easy & memorable. Full materials provided.  Contact Stuart ...


"Excellent! You managed to hold the attention of 150 Year 9 students of all abilities and teachers for the whole session. Will definitely invite you back again next next year."

Science Department, The Garendon High School, Loughborough, Leics



[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  Who is Stuart's Nervous Transmission & Pain Training Suitable For?

[Stand out from the crowd]Students from Year 8 upwards.  Stuart's training is especially suited to students in Years 10 to 13 (GCSE to A2), studying:

[tick] Science (including chemistry, biology & human biology)
[tick] Health and Social Care
[tick] Psychology

Stuart customises content to your needs, so why not contact Stuart to see how he can help you.


"Fascinating! I could see how everything fitted together. Never thought drums could help with pain relief!"

Science Department, Bushloe High School, Leicester


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  Trainer & Training: Meet Stuart Wood

[Stuart Wood - Trainer]Dr Stuart Wood, worked in clinical research, training & education in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 18 years. His PhD thesis investigated pain relief by narcotic (morphine-based) drugs.

He specialises in making complex processes & ideas easy to understand, for students of all ability levels & backgrounds.
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"Stuart listens well to his clients and can be relied upon to develop a solution which meets their requirements in a creative and professional manner. I have been struck by Stuart’s exceptional skill of simplifying what may appear complicated to most people. It is very easy to learn from Stuart. I would have no hesitation in recommending him"

SP, Open Mind Coaching UK


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  BOOKINGS & FURTHER INFORMATION ON CLINICAL TRIALS TRAINING

Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Waywood Training
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone: + 44 1509 553362
Mobile: + 44 7814 628123


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