Making the Complex Easy


[Making the Complex Easy]Take a dandelion clock, blow gently and a complex structure easily becomes lots of simple, individual seeds, each one capable of producing a new plant.

Complex - (noun) consisting of many different & connected parts; not easy to understand; complicated

Easy - (adj.) achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties; free from worry or problems; lacking anxiety or awkwardness.

Life can be complicated & sometimes difficult to understand with so many different & interconnected parts.  We worry about those things we don't understand because we can't explain them to ourselves or to those around us.

Similarly, our businesses struggle to clearly explain the risks & benefits of processes or products to staff, customers or investors because they don't understand them for themselves.

Even though teamwork may be high on the agenda, stigma & negative feelings still surround any apparent lack of understanding, to the extent that we may be unwilling to ask for help in case we look stupid.

Stuart doesn't see lack of understanding as a weakness, but as an opportunity to learn & grow.  He works with you. He works with your information, in all its complexity & makes it easy for all to understand.


'Stuart is a rare individual. His ability to create sense from chaos, to distil clarity of thinking from murky waters and to impart technical knowledge in a way that makes it all seem simple, is a unique gift. His dry humour and ability to view things from a different angle, was of huge value and support to me in my role. Always challenging and thorough in his dissection, Stuart was great to work with and made meetings interesting! Put simply, he is a man many could learn from, pragmatic, human, reflective and passionate about the positive impact of what he does.'  

SM:  DeMontfort University, Leics.


Making The Complex Easy For You

Stuart's background & expertise comes from the pharmaceutical industry where he has helped non-specialists, non-scientists & lay people to understand complex processes & ideas, such as

[tick]  How we feel pain & control it
[tick]  How our body protects itself against viruses
[tick]  How drugs can work with & against the body
[tick]  The importance of sun protection for reducing the risk of some skin cancers
[tick]  How our body uses its own bacteria to protect against other harmful bacteria
[tick]  The development of a new drug, from discovery to market.

Over the years he has expanded his work to include working with individuals, schools, education providers & small businesses, in fact anyone who needs to make the complex easy to understand.

So if you’re looking to explain complex processes to people within your organisation, to non-specialists, customers or to potential investors but aren’t sure how, Stuart can make it easy for you.



Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Waywood Training
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone + 44  (0)1509 553362
Fax: + 44  (0)1509 553362
Mobile: + 44  (0)7814 628123


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