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[Stuart Wood Percussionist - Click for larger image]Stuart started playing drums at the age of 19, although he had been interested in & exposed to music since his very early years through his older brother playing in various groups in the 1960's.

Ten years later, Stuart started to incorporate various World Percussion instruments into his repertoire.  Today his major focus is a percussionist, although he still plays drum kit on occasions.

During this 30 year period, Stuart has gained a wealth of knowledge on his instruments, interacting as a band, playing techniques & the most positive approaches to playing, in a range of different settings. He shares this on his music web site for drummers & percussionists, Waywood Music.

Since starting his own business, Stuart also sells ethnic drums & percussion from many of the top manufacturers, specialising more recently in the cajon (or box drum) and gongs, where he applies his experience & his passion for understanding the instruments, personally selecting instruments to customer specifications. Stuart's approach to selling is that customers should receive the best drum for them, at the best price possible, which is why he only sells instruments he would play himself. He goes to great pains to find-out exactly what a customer wants, then personally selects the itemor items, arranging delivery to the customer's doorstep.


'I would recommend Waywood [Music] to anyone wishing to purchase percussion instruments. Given the natural variability of handmade instruments, it is worth a lot to be able to trust the person you are buying from to pick out a good one for you, and on top of that to be priced so competitively is the icing on the cake.'

(PC, Customer, London)


Playing Experience

[Stuart Wood with One Big Sky, Derby Guildhall]Stuart has broad playing experience in different situations & styles. He's played as a permanent member of bands & also in a session capacity. He's also recorded extensively.

When it comes to playing style Stuart has experience in rock (NOT heavy metal or punk), folk, ceilidh, traditional, pop. dance & World. Some of the more notable vents he's helped at include the procession & enthronement of Dr John Sentamu as Archbishop of York, the Calling All Nations international event at Berlin Olympiastadion, Kirchentag in Leipzig, Spring Harvest & Christian Praise at DeMontfort Hall, Leicester.

Stuart currently plays as part of

- Open Road Music Band: A Derby-based acoustic band
- Northern Quarter: A 6-piece Loughborough-based electro-acoustic band
- Parking Space: A 3-piece lounge-style acoustic band from Loughborough
- The Broadcasters: A 3-piece jazz/blues acoustic band from Derby


Availability & Equipment

[Stuart Wood - Percussion Set-Up Cheltenham Centaur Indoor Arena]Stuart is available for recording & live playing work as a percussionist. He can provide his own equipment & has his own transport.

Stuart plays a wide range of drums from Africa & Latin America (including congas, bongos, udu,  djembe, cajón) & numerous shakers, bells, cymbals, gongs & special effects.

He also has a passion for the didgeridoo.



Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Waywood Music
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone + 44  (0)1509 553362
Mobile: + 44  (0)7814 628123


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