A Basic Introductory One Day Course


[Drugs for clinical trials]Clinical Trials Made Easy: A One-Day Course for Those Who Know Nothing About Clinical Trials But Want to Learn More.  Ideal for non-experts & non-scientists.

Learn the basics of clinical trials in easy-to-understand language; jargon demystified & fully explained.  Find out what you need to know.  Interactive and memorable
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[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  What You Will Learn

Clinical trials are a key part of drug development & essential for the approval of new drugs (& for medical devices such as artificial hip joints).  You will understand:

[tick]  What a clinical trial is
[tick]  How they started & why we need them
[tick]  How we show that our products are safe & effective
[tick]  How we design & run trials that provide accurate & meaningful results
[tick]  What happens when things don't go according to plan
[tick]  What all the different words, jargon & terms mean
[tick]  What happens after drugs have been approved

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"Before we held the 'Clinical Trials for non-scientists' workshop, I wondered how long it would take before the delegates got lost in the maze of complex science. To my delight, we got to the end of the day having actually understood the mysteries of clinical trials!

Stuart has a logical, systematic approach to his workshops and has the ability to break down the subject into understandable bits - thus making the complex easy."

Costa Philippou, Business Development Manager, Medilink East Midlands


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  How The Day Will Be Run

[Clinical trials & drug development training for non-experts]Everyone learns in different ways.

That's why some information is presented, there's plenty of discussion & clarification of issues, there's a good dose of humour ... & there are coffee breaks!  You not only learn important information; you remember it long after Stuart has finished.

You will understand clinical trials & where they fit in to drug development because Stuart makes it easy for you to understand & remember.  Full course materials are provided.  Contact Stuart ...


'I had the pleasure of working with Stuart for 4 years. He is a pro-active "can do" person with a positive and creative approach to his work. He establishes constructive relationships with customers quickly, based upon trust and mutual respect. He has an ability to impart detailed and complicated information in a clear and concise manner while engaging his audience. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart.'

AJ, Former Medical Director, 3M Health Care Limited


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  Who Should Attend

[Stand out from the crowd]Anyone for whom a knowledge of clinical trials & drug development will enhance or add value to their job & help them to stand-out.

This course is ideal if you have no science background, or you are a scientist with little or no expertise in clinical trials, or you are working in disciplines or businesses allied to clinical trials or drug development.

There is also a new version of the course designed for people working in the Medical Devices industry.

So, whether you work in

[tick]  Business development or biology
[tick]  Pharmacy or product development
[tick]  Medicine, marketing or medical devices
[tick]  Sales or support services
[tick]  General management or executive suite
[tick]  Chemistry or communications

... this course is for you.  Contact Stuart ...


'I have recently attended Stuart’s one day course entitled "Clinical Trials for Non-Scientists". Whilst I had a basic background knowledge of this area from my days working in the Pharma Industry, I am not from a science background, and due to my current role working with Clinical Research Teams on a product that facilitates the identification of trial sites, and effective patient recruitment, I felt the time was right to really get to grips with this subject!

Stuart's background puts him in an ideal position to deliver this training course, he has the knack of making quite a heavy subject interesting, easy to understand, and it was delivered with just the right amount of humour, making the day relaxed and enjoyable. I left feeling much more confident in my knowledge of Clinical Trials.

Diana Thomas
NHS Business Needs Consultant, NHIS & The Healthcare Partnership, UK


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts] Venues, Equipment & Size of Audience

Groups of up to 15 people are ideal as this enables maximum interaction & benefit by attendees. Larger groups may be accommodated by prior agreement.

Presentations are via multi-media projector, although flipcharts, overhead projectors, whiteboards etc may also be used.

This highly interactive course is delivered in a non-threatening environment at a venue of your choice. Contact Stuart ...


'I think you are one of the most positive people I have ever met.'

CR, Marketing Specialist, 3M, UK


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  Trainer & Training: Meet Stuart Wood

[Stuart Wood - Trainer]Dr Stuart Wood, worked in clinical research, training & education in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 18 years.
Learn more about Stuart.

He specialises in making complex processes & ideas easy to understand, for all ability levels and backgrounds.
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"Stuart is a rare individual. His ability to create sense from chaos, to distil clarity of thinking from murky waters and to impart technical knowledge in a way that makes it all seem simple, is a unique gift. His dry humour and ability to view things from a different angle, was of huge value and support to me in my role. Always challenging and thorough in his dissection, Stuart was great to work with and made meetings interesting! Put simply, he is a man many could learn from, pragmatic, human, reflective and passionate about the positive impact of what he does."

SM : DeMontfort University, Leics.


[Understanding clinical trials & studies - one day course for non-experts]  BOOKINGS & FURTHER INFORMATION ON CLINICAL TRIALS TRAINING

Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Waywood Training
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone: + 44 1509 553362
Mobile: + 44 7814 628123


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